Top 10 Fitness Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2019


If you’re planning on making a New Year’s resolution about your fitness and overall health, there’s good news! Now there are more wonderful ways than ever to find your path to wellness. In 2019, the fitness experts predict it’s going to be a busy year. There are some oldie but goodies as well as some new trends emerging in the fitness sector.

Will you be part of it?

1. Yoga

It’s definitely not anything new. In fact, yoga comes from ancient times. But the more we learn about it, the more we discover how good it is for opening up the body, increasing flexibility, relieving pain, and naturally elevating mood. It also comes in more varieties than ever before so get ready to see more Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, and other interesting mash-ups, even Beer Yoga.

2. Paid competitions for motivation

Do you do better when you’re challenged? If so, this next fitness trend for 2019 is for you. It started several years ago but has been gaining intense momentum. The premise is simple: you join a group (either at your CrossFit gym or online) and pay into it, making a friendly fitness wager.

It could be about weight loss or it could be to crush a certain challenge or goal. These competitions result in payouts to the winners, making them worth all the effort. If money motivates you, this could be your ticket to fitness in 2019.

3. Group training

Some people just can’t be alone when they workout. If you have a Jerry Maguire complex and can’t be alone, then you’ll love the availability of group training you’ll find in 2019. Here, you’ll train with others in a group setting. It can be team sports, aerobics, running, or cycling, rowing, to name a few.

4. More personal trainers

Personal trainers have been around for a long time, but the demand for them is soaring. That’s because they can help tailor your workouts to your specific needs. In recent years though, many open small boutique shops for a small membership fee to give a small target group what they need. By doing so, they capture the segment of people who want to workout in a group.

Incidentally, if you’re a personal trainer, 2019 is going to be your year!


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has not budged from the list. It’s consistently popular because it works. There are also many concepts that make it versatile for everyone. The only downside is that injuries tend to be more common among people that don’t know what they’re doing. If you’re new to fitness, try doing HIIT with a certified trainer first to avoid weeks of downtime recovering from an injury.

6. Corporate fitness

With the ever-increasing costs of healthcare and insurance, many companies are taking the proactive approach by making it easier for employees to take care of their health. Lots of company gyms are opening up and some even include the chance to train with a personal trainer at no additional fee.

Others pay for gym memberships or even offer them at such a discounted rate that every employee can take advantage. Corporations are encouraging the use of these facilities before and after work as well as during the lunch hour in hopes that employees that care for their health will be less likely to fall ill or suffer from disease in later years.

7. Fitness through technology

Technology has been integrating itself into fitness for a while now, but 2019 brings with it even more significance. Trackers that are wearable or even used via smartphone are becoming smarter, tracking much more than just the steps we take but important vitals to monitor our health. Sensors are becoming more precise to allow for effective gathering of data to monitor health and fitness progress.

8. Streaming cardio

Streaming cardio is a fabulous trend that allows you to workout anywhere while still being part of an instructor-led class. Brands like Peloton have it dialed in, allowing people the chance to join up with classes while working out from home.

It’s great for those in rural areas, busy work-from-home types, or those that want a challenge that melds the virtual world with the real one. Many of them are offering free trials too, which makes it even easier for newcomers to decide if this fitness trend is right for them.

9. Older exercisers

Once upon a time, sighting an older person at the gym was rare. Now, seniors are flocking to gyms in droves. As the demand by the Baby Boomer generation grows, more and more gyms are offering classes designed for the older set. The reason is that this generation of seniors doesn’t want to view themselves as old, plus staying fit increases bone density, muscle mass, and longevity.

10. 30-minute workouts

It was once said that workouts needed to be an hour long to do any good. Thanks to research though, we’ve discovered that’s not necessarily the case. By maximizing your time, you can find 30-minute workouts that are just as effective. People find this more appealing because you get more done when you do it right and build in enough intensity. If you have less free time, you can take advantage of these shorter workouts and still reap all the benefits.

No matter your age or your fitness level, there are fitness trends for 2019 that will suit you. Experienced or not, it’s important to keep up your health through fitness. These 10 top fitness trends for 2019 are a great place to start, whether you need a new challenge or you’re just starting out.

Which trend appeals to you most?

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