Maxi Climber Reviews – Still The Best Vertical Climber in 2019?

Let’s be brutally honest here and talk about getting in shape. On paper, getting in shape is simply a matter of eating less junk, cleaning up your diet, and doing more physical exercise. The reality of things however, is that getting in shape is a whole lot tougher than that, for a number of reasons. Dieting sucks, losing weight takes time, and exercise can be difficult without access to the right tools.

More and more people are nowadays making the conscious effort to exercise and work out in their own homes, with the help of home gym equipment.

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At commercial gyms, vertical climbing machines are incredibly popular, and are extremely effective. That’s why Maxi Climber developed this innovative new vertical climber machine, designed specifically to be used in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to get in shape, this machine could be the answer.

To ensure that you learn as much about this machine as possible, we will now be providing you with a detailed Maxi Climber vertical climber review, as we look at what it is, how it works, key features, pros, cons, and much more besides. So, without any further hesitation, if you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin.

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What is the Maxi Climber?

Maxi Climber The Original Patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV - Full Body Workout with Bonus Fitness App for iOS and Android, Black & Silver
  • Versatile and easy-to-use climber that works for all fitness levels, with BONUS companion Fitness App.
  • Full-body workout, combines calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step.
  • Low impact workout, easy on the knees and ankles.

Very simply speaking, the Maxi Climber, vertical climbing machine is a calorie-burning, muscle-toning vertical climbing machine that is designed to mimic the actions associated with rock climbing.

As you mimic the actions of scaling a wall, mountain, or sheer cliff face, you are continuously burning calories whilst toning your muscles and increasing grip strength, core strength, back strength, lower body tone and strength, and much more besides.

Best of all is the fact that this piece of equipment, although considered by many to be commercial grade, was designed specifically to be used in the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of Maxi Climber fitness reviews out there, and while we haven’t read them all, the general feeling is that the Maxi Climber vertical climber offers users a wide range of benefits and advantages, for a fraction of the price of what it would cost if it was marked for commercial use.

With a user-friendly layout, ergonomic adjustment settings, an innovative and stylish design, along with a sturdy construction, it’s clear right from the start why the product is generating such positive feedback at this present moment in time.

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Maxi Climber features

It’s easy to sit and talk about how well-made this device is, but in order to understand what makes something so effective, we need to learn what the piece of equipment has to offer its users in the first place. In this next section of our Maxi Climber review, we’re going to be dissecting the many features offered by this climbing machine, to see exactly what users get for their money.

Key features include:

  • Adjustable height 

One of the main features that impressed us about the Maxi Climber was the fact that it offers users the ability to adjust the height. You see, one of the most wonderful things about we mere human beings, is that we are all unique, in terms of personality and in terms of physical stature. Some inferior models of vertical climber out there do not have height adjustment features.

That means that a 5ft user is going to have a very different experience to a 6ft user. The Maxi Climber however, is fully adjustable in height, so you can select the optimal setting that is perfect for you, allowing you to get more from your workout, while remaining nice and comfortable in the process.

  • Auto workout timer

If you so wished, you could of course use the Maxi Climber manually, and simply workout until you grew tired, bored, or both. To make your workouts a little more challenging and exciting however, Maxi Climber have also included an auto workout timer feature so you can perform a series of pre-programmed workouts, and so that you can clearly see how long you’ve been working out.

Best of all is the fact that once you jump off the climber, the timer will instantly pause, and if you resume your workout, the timer will also resume. This is very useful because it means that you can simply, jump on, start “climbing” and the timer will instantly begin, without you having to fumble around on the control panel trying to find the appropriate button.

  • Detailed display features

Just as, the more we learn about the Maxi Climber the more it seems to make sense, the same principle applies to your workouts. The more info you have at your disposal regarding your workouts, the more efficient they will typically become. The display on the Maxi Climber not only features a timer, it also tells you how many steps you have performed, and how many calories you happen to have burned off.

  • Ergonomic design

Like we said earlier, no two people are 100% alike in terms of physical appearance, yet no matter what body shape you happen to be, because of the Maxi Climber’s robust ergonomic design, it will conform to virtually any body shape imaginable.

So, if you thought that you were too big, or too small, to use the climber, don’t sweat it, because it will almost certainly be just right for you, and anybody else who wishes to use it.

  • Light weight design

One of the most appealing aspects associated with working out at home is that you can do so at your own convenience. If however, you find that your typical workout space, a spare bedroom or a garage gym perhaps, is becoming cluttered and crowded, you might be worried about where to train.

One of the most impressive features of this climber however, is its durable yet lightweight design. It’s very light so can easily be picked up and carried to another part of the home, with minimal effort.

  • Low-impact workout

High-impact exercise such as jogging might be beneficial, but it can be very punishing for the joints, especially if you happen to suffer with joint issues already. If you suffer with knee pain or ankle pain for example, high-impact exercises like running can be very painful and can do more harm than good.

The good news is that Maxi Climber deliberately developed this device so that it offers users the ability to perform low-impact exercises, which are very forgiving for painful tendons and joints.

There are no footfalls required so the knees and ankles do not need to absorb any shocks like they would if you were running or performing high-impact exercise. This means that those suffering with joint issues can safely and effectively workout, without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

  • Compact design

To begin with, the Maxi Climber is already very compact, and when you combine this with the fact that it is light in weight, it already earns its money in practicality alone. However, the useful design features don’t stop there.

The Maxi Climber also neatly folds compactly in two, so when not in use it can neatly and effectively be stored out of sight, saving space, and also helping to enhance the aesthetics of the room. When you want to workout again, simply remove it, unfold, and you’re all set.

  • Non-slip isomeric grips

As you know, when you’re in the zone and are totally killing your workout, you will find that you perspire. Some people sweat more than others, yet this certainly is not a bad thing as sweating can serve as a very useful indication of how hard you have worked while training.

The problem with sweating is that it can cause you to lose your grip and for everything to feel slippery. During exercise, this isn’t just annoying, it can also be very dangerous.

If you were to lose your grip you could fall, get tangled in the machine, pull a muscle, and much more besides. Maxi Climber however, have taken care of this by providing isomeric grips in a non-slip design.

The hand grips are non-slip rubber, whereas the pedals themselves are also equipped with a non-slip rubber coating, along with a studded design for even more grip. No matter how poor your footwear may be, or how sweaty your workout is, once you have your hands and feet on the handles and pedals respectively, you needn’t worry about slipping or losing traction.

  • Simple setup

One of the most daunting prospects associated with purchasing home gym equipment, is the fact that more often than not, you are going to have to assemble the equipment yourself. If you have the time, the tools, the patience, and the DIY abilities then this isn’t too much of an issue. If not however, it can be a stressful affair that many of us could do without.

If you take a look at some of the many Maxi Climber fitness reviews out there however, you’ll see that the Maxi Climber actually already comes 90% pre-assembled.

That’s right, this design feature means that when your shiny new Maxi Climber is delivered to your home, you will have very, very little to do before the machine can be used. This saves time, effort, and your patience, making it a wonderful design feature that we wish more home gym equipment manufacturers would adhere to.

  • Great for all abilities

Some of you may be put off from using this device because of the fact that a climbing machine does indeed sound a little daunting and you may worry it’s too difficult. Rest assured however, that the key features that this machine utilizes have been designed to suit individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.

There are varying levels of difficulty which can be adjusted accordingly based upon your own unique abilities and fitness levels. So, whether you’re new to the world of health and fitness, or if you’re a seasoned professional, you can rest assured that the Maxi Climber is perfect no matter what.

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Maxi Climber The Original Patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV - Full Body Workout with Bonus Fitness App for iOS and Android, Black & Silver
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Key benefits of the Maxi Climber

So, we’ve looked at some of the more prominent features of this vertical climber, but it is now time for us to look at why people would want to choose this machine in the first place.

There are plenty of cardiovascular and resistance-based machines available for users to choose from, so why should they choose this? Here are some key benefits associated with utilizing the Maxi Climber for all of your fitness needs:

  • Fantastic calorie-burning capabilities

When we think of fat loss, generally the cardio that comes to mind is performed on a treadmill, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine, or simply by jogging outdoors. There are of course plenty of other cardio-based exercise options to choose from, but those are what first come to mind.

The Maxi Climber however, is considered by many to be one of the most superior forms of cardio-based exercise currently in existence. The Maxi Climber is a low-impact form of exercise that combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training.

What does that mean?

It means that not only do you benefit aerobically, your muscles are also being worked as you train, meaning that you will burn off even more calories. If you imagine jogging, while simultaneously performing dumbbell curls at the same time, that analogy perhaps gives you a better idea of why the Maxi Climber is considered superior for when it comes to burning fat.

One hour of moderate intensity exercise performed on this device will result in more calories being burnt off than an hour of steady state cardio on the treadmill or the stationary bike. If you’re looking to get leaner and fitter, things are certainly looking promising at the moment.

Generally speaking, you can expect to burn off more than 500 calories with a one-hour Maxi Climber workout, whereas on the treadmill you would likely be looking at 300 calories.

  • Light weight design

As we looked at when we were covering the ‘features’ offered by this machine, one of the most useful benefits is the fact that it is very light in weight, so it can be transported from one location to the next, with minimal effort.

  • Hard-wearing and durable

Generally speaking, when people discuss consumer goods, they work under the pretense that heavy is good, and light is trash. That is not the case with everything, as proven here with the Maxi Climber. You see, just because it’s light in weight, please do not let that fool you into thinking that the product is not well made, because it is.

In fact, it’s one of the better made pieces of home workout equipment currently available. The Maxi Climber is very durable and hard-wearing as it is made from cold-pressed steel, which is light in weight but incredibly tough. The steel frame and sturdy construction make this one of the most durable pieces of kit we’ve seen reviewed to date.

Cold-pressed steel is incredibly unforgiving and can withstand a huge amount of punishment.

This alone means that the Maxi Climber can easily withstand even the most vigorous and intense workouts and training sessions, no matter how heavy handed, heavy footed, and heavy in general, that the user may be.

  • Full body workout

If you read some of the Maxi Climber review opinions from users of this machine, you’ll notice that one of the main reasons why users were so impressed with this machine, was because it presented them with the ability to work their entire body at once. We’ve covered the cardio elements and the calorie burning capabilities already, but what about specific muscle groups?

Well, by performing a workout on this device, you can basically target your entire body at once, meaning that your whole body will benefit. As you mimic the action of climbing, your core is engaged, you work your legs, your glutes, your back, your deltoids, your biceps, your triceps, and even the pecs as you pump your arms and legs.

One machine will work your entire body, and help you to burn fat and get leaner and more defined in the process, making it a very popular product in the fitness community.

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  • As seen on TV

Okay, while this may not directly influence just how effective the product is, if you have seen the Maxi Climber on the TV and have read some of the many Maxi Climber fitness reviews currently in circulation, you’ll know that this machine is the real deal.

  • Bio-X technology

We’ve mentioned how you can work your entire body by performing a workout with the Maxi Climber, but for those of you looking to build functional strength, and tighten the waist and build a set of chiselled abs, you’ll want to pay even closer attention to this next advantage.

You see, this climber has been developed to utilize what is known as Bio-X technology. This technology delivers a specific motion when in operation which is known as a ‘cross crawl’.

This cross crawl action basically engages your core with every ‘step’ that you make. This means that your abs get one heck of a workout, which over time, will result in stronger, leaner, more defined abs and a stronger and more functional core in the process.

What customers are saying?

It’s easy for us to sit here and write about the many features and benefits of the Maxi Climber, but as you probably know, not all online reviews are credible. To help prove just how effective the Maxi Climber really is, we’ll now take a look at a few key points that are often brought up by paying customers who have purchased this machine the past.

As of this writing, the Maxi Climber had and excellent customer rating, based upon 2,451 customer reviews on that little-known website known as Amazon.

55% of the ratings are good, with customers being especially impressed with the fact that the machine comes pre-assembled, and is therefore easy to put together. They also seem to be super-impressed with the number of calories that the machine can potentially burn off during each workout. The simplicity of how to use the climber has also generated very favorable feedback.

With the smooth must also come the rough, and in terms of negative feedback, the main concern does ironically seem to be the light-weight design. This climber is very light, and you would be forgiven for thinking that it does make it cheap and inferior, but we’ve already looked at how tough it really is.

Some users who are new to working out have remarked on how sore they felt the next day after training, though one could argue that that is a testament to just how effective the product really is. 

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MaxiClimber XL 1000 with Hydraulic Resistance - The Revolutionary Vertical Climber, as-seen on-TV for a Full Body Workout
  • The original vertical climber machine that combines calorie-burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple movement.
  • New Line Up for every kind of user and workout experience
  • Ideal for High Intensity Interval Training routines (HIIT) that burn TWICE the calories per workout.

Pros and cons

To summarize, we’ll quickly take a look at some of the main pros and cons associated with the Maxi Climber, just to make sure there’s no confusion.


  • Light-weight design
  • Simple to use
  • Very durable and hard-wearing
  • Detailed display unit
  • Adjustable height options
  • Full-body workout
  • Burn fat and build muscle
  • Pre-assembled
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip handles and pedals


  • Max user weight of 240 pounds (though in reality it could probably handle much more)
  • Poor console positioning for monitoring during a workout (users need to stop training to read the display)

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Final thoughts

So, that brings our Maxi Climber review to a close. Hopefully we’ve been helpful and informative, and hopefully you now have a better idea as to whether or not the Maxi Climber vertical climber is right for you.

Overall this is a well-made product, that was designed with user-friendliness in mind. It also happens to work wonders for burning fat, toning the muscles, building lean muscle, and improving endurance and physical stamina.

Majority of the reviews put this product are way above average, though we personally, would probably give it a rating of excellent. No surprises here then, to learn that we would indeed recommend the Maxi Climber vertical climber, no matter what your fitness goals may be.

Maxi Climber The Original Patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV - Full Body Workout with Bonus Fitness App for iOS and Android, Black & Silver
  • Versatile and easy-to-use climber that works for all fitness levels, with BONUS companion Fitness App.
  • Full-body workout, combines calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step.
  • Low impact workout, easy on the knees and ankles.

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