A Detailed Assault Fitness Air Bike Review

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With gym expenses steadily increasing by the month, and with commercial gyms seemingly busier than ever, it’s easy to see why so many people are now choosing to exercise at home and work out in the comfort of their own living spaces.

When it comes to cardiovascular conditioning, air bikes are considered to be amongst the most beneficial pieces of equipment currently available. If you choose to exercise at home, an air bike could be exactly what you need.

But which product would be best for you?

Well, one product that we’ve been hearing more and more about lately is the Assault Fitness Assault Air Bike, and it is this product we are going to be reviewing below.

In this review we’ll be taking a look at what the bike is, what its main features are, how it works, potential drawbacks, and much more besides.

The aim of this review is to look at the air Assault bike in great detail, in a bid to determine whether it really is as awesome as people say. So, without any further hesitation, let’s take a look.

What is the Assault Fitness Assault Airbike?

The Assault Air Bike is considered to be one of the more impressive air bikes currently on the market.

This top-rated air bike is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and health newbies alike, as it provides varying levels of resistance, so can be adjusted based upon your own unique athletic abilities, as well as your own personal preferences.

Basically, the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance becomes, and vice versa. This isn’t your typical piece of home-gym equipment.

In fact, many commercial gyms utilize this air assault bike, and it is especially popular in the CrossFit community, and even in the military.

The great thing about this bike is that it offers what the manufacturer’s describe as infinite individualized adjustments for all people, giving them unlimited workout options.

This air bike is the real deal. It is built to last and is built to withstand a lot of punishment. This bike is designed for commercial use, yet it comes at a very affordable price, making it fantastic value for money, especially when you consider the amount of hours that went into creating each one.

It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, as there are no maintenance costs involved, as it is designed to basically look after itself. Remember to keep an upright posture when using the amazing equipment.

Assault Fitness have a reputation for designing premium fitness accessories for affordable prices, and this is more evident than ever before in the Assault Airbike.


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Key Features

This Assault air bike is packed full of features, designed to give users the best workouts possible. While we can’t list each feature in great detail, we can focus on some of the more prominent features of this product. These include the following:


Many air bikes and stationary bikes out there can barely be adjusted, so if you are too big or too small, well then that is simply too bad.

The Assault Fitness Air Bike however, offers fantastic adjustability options for users of all shapes and sizes. Basically, if you are between 4ft 10 and 6ft 10, this bike can be adjusted perfectly to suit you.

Located on the seat pole is an adjustment knob, which is simply undone, allowing users to slide the pole up or down, to wherever they need it to be. the pull-pin is then inserted, the knob is tightened, and you’re all set.

What is especially impressive however, is that the seat can also be adjusted horizontally, so it can be tilted upwards, downwards, left, and right. This is done in the same manner as we just looked at.

This is very important because it allows users to position themselves just the right distance away from the handlebars, preventing cramping and meaning they don’t need to lean forwards or backwards.

So, no matter how long or short your limbs are, positioning yourself on the Assault Fitness Air Bike is easier than ever, as the above can be achieved in less than 30 seconds.


Assault Fitness Assault Air Bike
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Resistance options

By far, one of the most impressive things about this air bike is the resistance options it gives users.

There is no need to press buttons, twist dials, or programme computer screens on the display unit.

This is because resistance is provided by a 27-inch fan which is powered as users pedal. The faster a user pedals, the more resistance is created and the harder the workout becomes. The slower they pedal, the easier the workout is because less resistance is created.

This perfect for maintaining the perfect tempo during your workouts, whether you are performing interval-based HIIT sessions, or slow and steady endurance riding.

As an added bonus, users get just a little of the air from the fan on their faces, so it helps to keep them nice and cool as they pedal.

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High-quality build

As mentioned, this bike was designed to take some serious punishment.

Used commonly by military personnel, as well as CrossFit athletes, the Assault Air Bike is built to last. With handlebars made from 13-gauge steel, a coated high tensile steel frame to prevent rust, and the fan itself featuring 20 sealed ball bearings, it’s no wonder why users have been so impressed with the overall quality and feel of this bike.

Because it is so sturdy the bike remains perfectly stationary as you work out, even if you are really pushing yourself to the limit. This means there is no flexing or wobbling, so you feel safe, sturdy, and secure as you train. Users can even use it whilst standing if they so wish.

There are even 4 levellers located underneath the stabilizer bars, so the bike can be levelled out on a relatively uneven surface.

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LCD Console

The console on this bike also impressed us hugely, as it features the latest LCD technology.

The display is easy to read, it’s super-clear, and the screen itself features all kinds of data feedback regarding your workout, so you can discover far more about your training habits than you may have initially realized.

Users can monitor their heart rates, RPM times, calories burned, distance travelled, and much more besides. All of this in a sleek, compact, and stylish heads-up display.

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The LCD display isn’t the only technological aspect of this product which we have been impressed by.

The drivetrain of the bike is connected to an electric motor with 20 horsepower. This enables the bike to provide users with constant RPM. Furthermore, he bike itself is provided with accurate Watt output values, which means that what you see on the screen is completely accurate.

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Minimal maintenance required

The Assault Fitness air bike has been designed so that there is minimal maintenance required.

Basically, the only maintenance required is lubricating of the chain, and tightening and loosening as required, which isn’t all that often at all. If you do this minimal amount of maintenance however, the bike will basically take care of itself, which gives users additional peace of mind.

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Who is the bike for?

As previously mentioned, this is a commercial-quality bike, available for a very reasonable price. Because of this, it is suitable for a whole variety of different individuals.

Many CrossFit gyms, or boxes, as they are known, will have at least one of these bikes, because it is such a hit with CrossFit athletes.

The Assault Fitness air bike can also be seen on many a military base, because it is utilized by members of the military as part of their gruelling physical training regimes.

In reality however, because it is so affordable, the bike is suitable for individuals of all abilities, from all walks of life. Basically, you dictate how easy or how difficult your workouts are, so if you’re a beginner and you wish to take things nice and steady, then no problem, simply take it slow and the resistance will be fairly-low.

On the flipside, if you wish to test yourself and push yourself to the max, simply pedal faster and work harder, and the workout will become more challenging.

Because of this, the air bike is suitable for all demographics, making it one of the most versatile products currently on the market.

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Final thoughts

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So, we’ve looked at what the Assault Fitness air assault bike is, plus we’ve looked at some of the main features, and who the bike is suitable for.

All that is left to do then, is give you a final verdict. There are many similar bikes to this one on the market, but each one just doesn’t seem to cut it when compared with the Assault Fitness air bike.

It is very well made, it is a commercial quality bike for an affordable price, and it is loaded full of useful features and key selling points.

Because of that, it comes very strongly recommended indeed and is well worth the investment.


Assault AirBike Elite

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